10 reasons to choose payroll for auto enrolment (over third party systems) [Free Webinar]

By Louise Mulgrew | 13th August 2015 | 12 min read

IRIS have released a brand new, 1 hour long webinar where you will learn how you can cut down on the time and costs expected for running auto enrolment.

In addition to this, you will also learn how to maintain compliance with the workplace pensions legislation.

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During this brand new webinar, hosted by IRIS SME CEO Mark Paraskeva, you'll learn:

  1. Different approaches to auto enrolment
  2. IRIS auto enrolment approach
  3. IRIS AE Suite™ demo
  4. 10 reasons to choose the IRIS AE Suite™
  5. Question & answer session

Using third party auto enrolment solutions could end up being a lot more time consuming and expensive than you originally thought.

Ensuring that you have a streamlined auto enrolment process allows you to focus your time on other, more important areas of your business. This 1-hour webinar will show you why running your auto enrolment solution via your payroll is the most logical, cost effective option.

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