Staged? 5 ways to ensure ongoing auto enrolment compliance [Free Guide]

By Louise Mulgrew | 29th July 2015 | 13 min read

Just because you have staged doesn't mean that your auto enrolment journey is over; in fact - it is just beginning! But are you running your auto enrolment process in the best way to ensure continued compliance?

With 500,000 more businesses set to stage that initially thought following a review by The Pensions Regulator, there is even more emphasis on the capacity crunch.

The capacity crunch is the idea that as the volume of businesses staging increases, there will be a squeeze on the resources available such as pension providers and advisers.

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But how does this affect a business that has already staged?

Up until 2018, there is set to be 1.8 million businesses staging, all of which need to find a pension provider, auto enrolment solution and guidance to help them meet auto enrolment duties. With this in mind, you must also go through auto re-enrolment every three years following the anniversary of your staging date. The free guide will give you more information on auto re-enrolment and how it will effect you and your business.

In addition to this, for those businesses that have already staged, the auto enrolment solutions that were available at the time were probably not as streamlined and automated as they are today. This means that when it comes to your re-enrolment date, your auto enrolment process could be outdated.

In the free guide there is help on what you can do to ensure you have a streamlined, compliant auto enrolment process and what you need to do for auto re-enrolment to avoid being caught by fines.

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