The Top 5 Most Read Payroll Blog Posts from October

By Sam Thomas | 7th November 2016 | 13 min read

Here are the top 5 most popular blog articles from October which cover payroll.

You can also read the most read blogs covering auto enrolment here.

The blogs covered include the fourth annual IRIS & Earnie Payroll and HR Conference, the launch of IRIS Remote Payroll Entry, the latest changes to employment law, ACAS on holiday pay, and the latest news from the Lock vs. British Gas holiday pay court case.

Join us in November for the Annual IRIS & Earnie Conference

On Thursday 17th November we'll be taking over Twickenham Stadium for the fourth annual IRIS & Earnie Conference. Why not join us this year and learn how to improve your payroll and HR effectiveness?

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How To Quickly Manage Payroll With IRIS Remote Payroll Entry

Manually collecting and processing payroll data is time consuming and inefficient. But, what if there was a solution to reduce the time required?

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5 Employment Law Changes for October 2016 and Beyond

Autumn for HR practitioners tends to be busy, and with changes to the National Minimum Wage and Gender Pay reporting, 2016 should be no different.

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6 Key Points from ACAS to Help Clarify Holiday Pay Changes

The way businesses calculate holiday pay is changing, and in response, ACAS have published 6 key points of clarification to help businesses.

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Paying Employees Commission? Ruling Confirms Big Changes

In the long-running case of Lock vs. British Gas, the Court of Appeal has ruled commission must now be included in holiday pay calculations.

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