Finance. Made stunningly simple.

IRIS Financials is an industry-leading unified ledger system that improves the speed and accuracy of your reporting. Take a look around and see how we can make your business finances a breeze.

Real-time decision making. Made really easy.

By providing powerful data at the click of a button, the new IRIS Financials interface lets people across your organisation make the decisions that matter – in real time. There’s no time-wasting reporting process; just access the data, then act.


Different people can see live views of the same data. In whatever format is most useful to them.


It’s easy for everyone to enter and share data. Without duplication.


Let the data flow no matter where it is from. Integration across all of your systems.

How IRIS Financials makes the
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for a UK coffee shop chain

  • 8am
  • 9am
  • 10am
  • 11am
  • 12noon
  • 1pm
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Benefits that give you more control in less time

Always in balance

Forget all that time spent manually copying data between separate ledgers; IRIS Financials unified ledger software automatically does it for you on a single sheet.

Reports are quick, easy, and accurate

Data is automatically updated in one central location. That makes processing accurate reports quicker and easier than ever.

Complex made easy

IRIS Financials automates those previously time-consuming tasks, like month or year end. That means you’ll spend less time collating data, and more time interpreting it and taking action.

Integration across platforms

You can integrate seamlessly with other IRIS Financials software, such as IRIS Invoice Matcher or IRIS Purchasing. Or, you can integrate with other IRIS products or third-party systems like HR, asset management or online payment providers, helping your data flow without obstruction.

Take a closer look

See for yourself how the new, sleeker, and simpler IRIS Financials experience looks and feels. You’ll soon see how easy life can be.


Already making a difference

IRIS Financials is already in use in many businesses. It’s making work more efficient, and decision-making quicker and easier. But don’t just take our word for it:

“The reporting capabilities means that we are now able to better track our stock movements and therefore look more closely at margins when monitoring efficiency.”

Central England Co-operative

“The system is user friendly and caters to various levels of accounting knowledge. Different members of the team are able to use the software to carry out various tasks.”

TDR Capital

“Our business is continually growing and evolving. The fact that the IRIS Financials accounting and business management solution streamlines our accounting process, and that we have an excellent ‘business partner’ relationship, will help us to address any future challenges.”

Ecclesiastical Insurance Group

“In future I think other accounting systems will go the same way as IRIS Financials, because of its flexibility and the ability to analyse transactions for reporting purposes in a much more dynamic way than most accounting packages allow”

Broker Network Group

Data made a doddle. In detail.

To take a deeper dive into all the ways that the new IRIS Financials can help your business, download our detailed product guide. It tells you everything you need to know – clearly and simply, of course.


Get a guided tour

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