KashFlow Payroll

Employee management

Powerful employee management

Simplifying rotas, absences, maternity, paternity, adoption leave, and earnings orders. Take back your time!

Leavers, Rejoiners & Directors
KashFlow Payroll takes care of employees leaving, rejoining or becoming directors, including statutory obligations, RTI filing and NIC calculations.

Employee Calendar
Use our elegant and simple calendar to colour in sickness absence and other events such as KIT days. Even historical changes are automatically reflected in the next payslip.

Working Patterns
Set up simple and complex repeating work patterns from 7 to 28 days, using KashFlow Payroll's intuitive, graphical rota editor. Work patterns automatically show on the calendar. 

Moving Employees to KashFlow Payroll
To get your payroll running quickly, KashFlow Payrolll seamlessly accepts all the year-to-date figures from your previous payroll system. 


Advanced employee dashboards

Employee Management Features

  • Employee dashboard - Quick access to employee year-to-date information, recent payslips and common actions.
  • Employee wizard - A guided setup process that takes you through each step of setting up an employee correctly.
  • Statutory pay - Enter leave dates to get Maternity, Adoption, Paternity and Additional Paternity Pay automatically.
  • Earnings arrestments - Comprehensive range of Court Order types. KashFlow Payroll manages the deductions for you.
  • Employee context - Rapidly switch which employee you're working with from any page with a single click.
  • Point-in-time information - KashFlow Payroll stores your employee's data for each point in time so your historical payroll is always accurate.
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