Moving Keytime onto a new PC

1. Install the software on the new computer using the following link:

You will need to install the full install and then the update

2. On the old computer, go into keytime practice manager, file registration and deactivate the licenses.

3. Still on the old computer, go to the location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Keytime\CM+ and open the datamanager.exe

This will show the data location.

4. Go to the location shown in the datamanager, all the files will be stored in a keytime data folder. Copy this onto a external hard drive or a usb so the folder can be transferred to the new computer.

5. Once this has been transferred go to the datamanager file on the new computer, this could be:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Keytime\CM+

Open the datamanager.exe and go to the data location.

5. Rename the current keytime folder to keytime data old and paste the keytime folder from the old computer into that location.

6. Go into practice manager and activate licenses.

Please note, if you recieve 0 valid activation keys found you will need to call support to reprovision license