Learn more about PS Assets

PS Assets is the complete asset management and compliance software package for a range of organisations, encompassing education, business, and not-for-profit.

PS Assets is a comprehensive, flexible and user-friendly technology solution for keeping track of all your tangible and intangible assets, ensuring your organisation is in control of its responsibilities.

Featuring a fully integrated mobile app, PS Assets is specifically designed to be easy for staff to use. At organisational level, it provides true visibility of all your assets and acts as a powerful tool for control, analysis and forward planning.

Central Asset Register
The Central Asset Register allows you to view, manage and report on assets held across the entire organisation from a single location. With templates for all common asset types included, adding and updating asset data is incredibly easy. You also have the ability to customise data fields to meet your unique requirements.

What PS Assets can do for you

Tag – place a unique QR code on the asset.

Scan – Introduce the tracked item to the software.

Add – Fill in the necessary data associated with that asset; service date, contract end, value, department, etc.

Assets can be uploaded onto the system individually, in groups, or as a data import from an existing system.

Videos or photos can be added against each asset or group to provide a clear snapshot when auditing.

PS Assets benefits

Centralised compliance tracking
Helping you meet your statutory obligations

Full implementation service available
Configuration and set up built around your needs

Real-time consolidation of data
Instant access across single or multiple locations

Save your schools money
Reduce duplicate purchases, loaned asset returns, contract renewals and more

Key features


PS Assets is easily accessible any time, anywhere, from any device.


Email alerts mean you will never miss an important date or action, from inspections to renewals to scheduled maintenance.

Asset tagging

With supplied QR codes, PS Assets provides an inexpensive and effective asset tagging solution.

Mobile app

A complete asset register in your pocket; the integrated mobile app allows users to scan assets and update information on the move.