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PS Financials has been designed to drive efficiencies by streamlining complicated financial processes, including purchasing and expenses, HR, asset management and communications. 
We’ve supercharged the efficiency of more than two-thirds of the UK’s multi-academy trusts by centralising the management of all critical functions as well as providing unrivalled financial analysis and reporting capabilities to charities and commercial organisations with 5 to 1,000+ users.
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What PS Financials can do for you

Every business, school and trust is unique. We’ve designed PS Financials to be flexible enough to cope with the individual needs of every business and educational institution.

Whether you’re looking to eliminate a costly time sink in your processes or for a financial system powerful enough to report spending across an entire organisation or academy trust, PS Financials can handle it.
  • Straightforward integration with third-party systems.
  • Automated financial management and statutory reporting.
  • Real-time consolidation of accounts via a unified ledger system.
  • Empower staff to manage their expenses and purchasing.
  • Simplified reporting with unrivalled flexibility.
  • Cloud-based storage, bridging gaps between multiple offices or school sites.
  • Choose only the modules best suited to your needs.

Chelsea Academy

Lucian Boyd-Harte, Finance Director

Ps Financials

“While I can’t put a number on the hours that PS Financials has saved my team, I can say that the system has enabled me to work smarter, rather than harder. It’s a highly intuitive system which I would recommend to any MAT or large academy.”

Frontier Developments

Liz Mitchell, Procurement Manager

Ps Financials

“The transition to PS Financials has honestly been an enjoyable experience, and we would recommend PS Financials to anybody.”


Always in balance and uses a unified ledger system that automatically consolidates data from all sources. 

Combines all your data in a single location and recalls it any way you would like.

Removes the need for financial data consolidation while also automating countless other manual tasks. 

Works hand in hand with the rest of the PS Financials software suite and a host of third-party systems.

Key Features

Real-Time Consolidation

Your finances are always in balance with no need to reconcile separate ledgers. Financial data that used to exist in several locations is now combined in a single source.

Automated Workflows

Configure workflows to automate complex processes. Tasks that used to bottleneck your staff’s time are now performed automatically.

Unrivalled Flexibility

Choose modules and solutions for every need. PS Financials boasts a range of optional modules that can be added to the core system to enhance functionality.

Audit trail

Set up complex automations via an easy-to-use graphical interface and configure rules to automate financial decisions and actions. All actions are logged in a comprehensive audit trail, and staff are still free to process ad-hoc actions when needed.