Reducing unauthorised absence, improving communications

Truancy Call supports thousands of schools to reduce unauthorised absence and improve punctuality whilst reducing time-consuming admin. 

Truancy Call integrates with school MIS, pulling data for unauthorised absent and late pupils. The system performs first-point-of-contact via phone call, text or email, enabling early interventions and improving parent engagement when it matters most. 

How Truancy Call supports you

Truancy Call provides an efficient and cost-effective tool to reduce unauthorised absence and improve punctuality. Our automated system alleviates busy office teams of the time-consuming task of making phone calls or sending messages, ensuring parents are alerted quickly and conveniently of their child’s unauthorised absence.   

The system continues to contact parents until a response is received, freeing up staff time and providing parents with a quick and convenient method of responding to their school.  
  • Reduce unauthorised absence, truancy and improve punctuality 
  • Strengthen home/school partnerships with a system to suit busy and hard-to-reach parents 
  • Support learning by noting and actioning early interventions for persistently absent pupils 
  • Reduce time-consuming admin and empower staff with dynamic reporting and data 
  • Save money with a cost-efficient platform designed with busy schools in mind 

Key features

Automated first-point-of-contact

Truancy Call contacts parents via your choice of an automated phone call, text message or email, on behalf of your school.


Parents are empowered to communicate with your school for free, at a time and via a method which suits them, strengthening partnerships with hard-to-reach families 

Take control

Improve accuracy and action early interventions with data drawn automatically from school MIS 

Flexible reporting

Utilise innovative reporting to filter data and identify parents who do not require communications


Improve parent engagement with system designed with parents in mind; parents respond to phone calls and messages at a time and via a method convenient for them

Truancy Call is proven to reduce unauthorised absence by enabling schools to action early interventions for persistently absent students and identify those requiring support

Save money on lengthy telephone calls with automated calls, messaging and email; parents don’t pay to respond to communications

Free up time-poor staff by allowing Truancy Call to perform first-day contact on behalf of your team; integration with MIS and dynamic reporting improves accuracy and streamlines processes

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