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How can I stop double line spacing in Word 2007 / 2010 / 2013

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How can I stop double line spacing in Word 2007 / 2010 / 2013
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29th April 2015
IRIS AutoMail
I have loaded Microsoft Word 2007 / 2010 / 2013 and now my AutoMail templates are showing double line spacing. How can I stop this?
Each version of word uses the ‘normal’ style to set defaults on font sizes, page margins, paragraph spacing and more. After you install Word 2007 the default paragraph spacing is set to 10pt after a paragraph, meaning that when you type in any Word document you will appear to have double spacing. Follow the instructions below to adjust the normal style and change the paragraph spacing to 0, so that you don’t see double line spacing. To stop Word 2007 from adding lines spaces in paragraphs:
  • Load Microsoft Word 2007
  • The ‘Home’ tab will be selected by default. In the Styles section, right click the Normal style.
  • From the drop down menu, select Modify.
  • The modify style screen will be displayed. Click the Format button and choose paragraph
  • In the spacing section change the after value to be ‘0’ and set the line to be ‘single’, click OK
  • Select ‘New documents based on this template’, click OK. The spacing goes back to normal. Making this change will mean:
  • The spacing will be changed automatically on all other templates on your computer.
  • You will need to repeat this process on other computers if you wish to stop double line spacing occurring on other computers. Related Articles KB 7078 : How do I setup my own custom AutoMail templates? Note: IRIS AutoMail/Fees uses the interface of Microsoft Word to generate correspondence. To create your own Bespoke AutoMail/Fees templates you will require knowledge of Microsoft Word to the level of complexity that your bespoke template requires. The IRIS support team are not Microsoft Word experts and cannot provide support, advice or maintenance services with respect to Microsoft Word. However, we have provided some documentation to help you with some of the program features. Please note the above steps are only applicable for IRIS 11.8 and prior versions.

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