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Frequently asked questions for IRIS AutoMail

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Frequently asked questions for IRIS AutoMail

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12th February 2009


IRIS AutoMail


This KB article contains the most Frequently Asked Questions for IRIS AutoMail and may be used as a reference for many AutoMail queries.


  • Editing your template
  • Microsoft Word Help
  • Generating a letter
  • Searching for letters
  • Tax letters
  • Other Editing your template KB IAS-7078 – How do I setup my own custom AutoMail templates? KB IAS-6785 – How can I insert tags into an AutoMail Word template? KB IAS-7032 – What are context types and how do I use them in AutoMail? KB IAS-7330 – How does the Current Accounting period tag work in AutoMail? KB IAS-6734 – What is the source of AutoMail templates and how often are they updated? Microsoft Word KB IAS-6864 – What Microsoft Word skills do I need to use AutoMail? (Basic, intermediate and Advanced) KB IAS-11939 – How can I turn on / off field codes in Microsoft Word? KB IAS-11940 – How do I change the date format in an AutoMail letter? KB IAS-6589 – How do I edit an IRIS date tag to the desired format in AutoMail? For example, Accounts Period end. KB IAS-6702 – How do I save a number figure in a particular format in AutoMail? KB IAS-6703 – How can I add a formula to my template in AutoMail? KB IAS-11962 – How can I stop double line spacing in Microsoft Word 2007? Generating a letter KB IAS-11958 – What does the Missing Tag screen mean in AutoMail? KB IAS-6700 – What does the invalid merge field screen mean in AutoMail? KB IAS-7064 – The font on the generated letter is not the same as the template. KB IAS-6688 – When I generate a letter in AutoMail the sole trader name appears twice KB IAS-11945 – When I generate AutoMail letters the Microsoft Word spell checker does not work< KB IAS-11949 – What does prompt for unknown tags do? KB IAS-11957 – How can I choose the tax year for AutoMail letters? KB IAS-11956 – How can I print Bank Letters in AutoMail? KB IAS-11951 – There is an incompatibility, probably client type to template mismatch Searching for letters KB IAS-11947 – What is the difference between added and actioned? Tax letters KB IAS-11897 – The tax return cover does not detail the payments on account KB IAS-11953 – The tax return shows the payment on account but not claim for reduction KB IAS-11946 – Is it possible to display the amount due on January 31st in a tax letter KB IAS-11961 – Can P11D letters be generated through AutoMail and merge P11D information? Other KB IAS-11896 – How do I produce mailing labels in IRIS using AutoMail? KB IAS-11899 – How do I produce mailing labels in IRIS using Practice Management? KB IAS-7345 – How do I transfer templates from one installation to another?

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