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OS-105 : OpenSpace link lost for existing client in Accountancy Suite

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OS-105 : OpenSpace link lost for existing client in Accountancy Suite
Created Date
24th June 2022
IRIS OpenSpace
We have received reports from clients of the OpenSpace link being lost on an intermittent basis when uploading documents to clients in OpenSpace

This issue is currently under investigation with the product development team.

At the moment the link must be re-established manually to upload in IRIS Accountancy Suite.

Development Tracing Update

The development team have requested more detailed logging to help identify the problem.
To enable this detailed logging, please follow these steps:

  • Right click on the IRIS desktop icon
  • Select ‘Properties’
  • Select ‘Open File location’
  • Double click on the ‘Database0’ folder
  • Open the ‘TT.ini’ file
  • Find the [Debug] section, if you don’t have a [Debug] section, just type in [Debug] as a new line after the [Switches] section
  • Add the line: TraceOptions=Iris.OpenSpace.EventPolling:R9
  • This switch will create trace logs that will appear in the Iris.OpenSpace.EventPolling.txt file.
    When you next experience the issue, email and we can collect the logs to share with our development team for further investigation.

Handling duplicate clients in

Duplicate clients created should be deleted from
To delete, log in to and navigate to Home | Clients | Search for the client in question | Tick the checkbox to the left of the duplicate client record | Select delete in the top right

The Home | Clients tab in OpenSpace
Client search and a list of duplicate client records in OpenSpace

Manually establishing the OpenSpace client link

To establish the link, access the Basic tab of the Client Maintenance screen.
The client maintenance screen is accessible in any module with the “View Client” option.

  • Click the spyglass to the right of the IRIS OpenSpace field.
  • Select ‘Link to IRIS OpenSpace client’.
  • Select the OpenSpace client from the list.
  • Click OK to finish.
Client Maintenance | Basic Tab screen
IRIS OpenSpace Client Management screen

Alternatively, on the IRIS Main Menu if you go to the Spyglass symbol along the top and select your client you have an OpenSpace section with a Spanner and Screwdriver icon

 The S&S symbol opens the ‘IRIS OpenSpace Client’ screen

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