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IRIS OpenSpace

Does IRIS OpenSpace work with Apple Products?

IRIS OpenSpace only requires a browser, the hardware is irrelevant. So accessing IRIS OpenSpace on iPhone or iPad is fine.…


IRIS OpenSpace

How to upload to OpenSpace from IRIS Personal Tax

To upload from personal tax click Reports, select the relevant report and tick the box PDF and then tick the…


IRIS OpenSpace

A duplicate client has been created when uploading document to OpenSpace?

Clients are created automatically when files are uploaded from IRIS, if the client was created manually in OpenSpace first then…


IRIS OpenSpace

How do I upload Accounts from Accounts Production into OpenSpace?

To upload a set of accounts users are required to do the following: Select the relevant client Click Reports ->…


IRIS OpenSpace

My staff member has lost access to OpenSpace

Please ensure that the staff member’s email address setup for OpenSpace and Password are entered within IRIS. To verify the…


IRIS OpenSpace

How do I resend the registration activation request link to my client?

To resend the request Select Home Tab, Click ‘Clients’ and select the Circle next to the appropriate client ID. Click…


IRIS OpenSpace

Can I setup two separate OpenSpace Accounts for 2 different clients?

Each OpenSpace client user should have their own unique email address, using the same email address for different clients will…


IRIS OpenSpace

Openspace- Is it possible for multiple clients to be associated with an individual? (by email)

Yes, this is one of the features in OpenSpace. Simply add the same client user email address to each client…


IRIS OpenSpace

IRIS Openspace- How much does it cost to buy 1 GB of OpenSpace or buy more storage?

The first GB of data is free to use. Thereafter additional storage can be purchased for £5(+VAT) per month from…


IRIS OpenSpace

Reset OpenSpace Colours Back to the Default after customisation?

A reset to default option has been requested as an enhancement and we hope to have this available in a…