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IRIS OpenSpace

OS-105 : OpenSpace link lost for existing client in Accountancy Suite

This issue is currently under investigation with the product development team. At the moment the link must be re-established manually…


IRIS OpenSpace

VTO- 1172 XHR Returned Response Code 500 when uploading PDF Files to IRIS Openspace

Our Development team are aware of this issue and are investigating further, the primary cause for this issue is caused…


IRIS OpenSpace

OS- How to change Clients Name in IRIS Openspace

If you want to change the name of a client in IRIS Openspace we would recommend you to follow these…


IRIS OpenSpace

OS-110: Issues with client creation in IRIS OpenSpace

There are multiple messages referring to client creation issues, this article details the scenarios and corresponding resolutions. The “Email address…


IRIS OpenSpace

OS-12346 - Unsupported extensions in IRIS OpenSpace

Below is a list of unsupported extensions in IRIS OpenSpace, upload attempts of files with these extensions will fail. ".PS1",…


IRIS OpenSpace

OS-111: OpenSpace Approval Coversheet not appearing in the document

Missing Approval Coversheets in documents from OpenSpace A completed request will display the approved status almost immediately however the coversheet…


IRIS Personal Tax, IRIS OpenSpace

Unable to view documents or figures are blank on OpenSpace

This is not a DEFECT in the software. This issue has been raised with Google. In the meantime, unfortunately as…


IRIS OpenSpace

OS - 107 How to create a Client in IRIS OpenSpace

The Methods below will explain how to create a client account for Iris Openspace. Creating the link directly in the…


IRIS Personal Tax, IRIS OpenSpace, IRIS Accountancy Suite

IAS-89618 : "Failed to delete e-checklist. Object reference not set to an instance of an object"

This issue has been investigated by the Development Team and has been confirmed as a DEFECT in IRIS Openspace. Currently…


IRIS Accountancy Suite, IRIS OpenSpace

Users unable to login to OpenSpace from my website using advanced website integration

In order to overcome this issue, we would recommend using our intermediate website branding rather than advanced. So that your…