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Users unable to login to OpenSpace from my website using advanced website integration

In order to overcome this issue, we would recommend using our intermediate website branding rather than advanced. So that your…


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IRIS OpenSpace Branding and Integration Guide

IRIS OpenSpace enables accountancy practices to implement a white labelled secure document exchange and electronic document approval portal into their…


IRIS OpenSpace

IRIS OpenSpace Issue unable to view and upload files in sub folders

You and your client can view all files in OpenSpace still but using the dashboard screen instead by clicking on…


IRIS OpenSpace

Unable to view documents or figures are blank on OpenSpace

Existing documents This issue is happening following an updare to Google Chrome. Please use another web browser or download the…


IRIS OpenSpace

Not all lines are appearing when viewing reports in Openspace

Once the document has been clicked on and appears at the bottom of the screen, then right click the document…


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Error editing company details: The IRIS OpenSpace email address and password are not valid.....

If you have an IRIS OpenSpace Account The details saved in the system are incorrect. If this was previously working…


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Multiple Approval system on IRIS OpenSpace

For further details please click here


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Sage & Quickbooks backups not uploading to OpenSpace getting unexpected error

Sometimes you can resolve by doing the following: Right click on the backup file, properties, security, edit, add everyone, full…


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The SMTP server requires a secure connection or the client was not authenticated

Google may block sign in attempts from some apps or devices that do not use modern security standards. To resolve…


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"My staff member cannot login to OpenSpace or upload into OpenSpace from IRIS"

Please ensure that the staff member’s email address setup for OpenSpace and Password are entered within IRIS. To verify the…