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How to change the client’s email address within OpenSpace?

You can no longer change a user's e-mail in Openspace. You must either delete them as a user and then re-add them or if the…


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I am trying to configure OpenSpace to use my email server

To obtain these settings you will need to ask your email provider Default ports are 25, 587 and 465 Most SMTP servers are usually…


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The SMTP server requires a secure connection or the client was not authenticated

Google may block sign in attempts from some apps or devices that do not use modern security standards. To resolve go to Goole Settings if…


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"My staff member cannot login to OpenSpace or upload into OpenSpace from IRIS"

Please ensure that the staff member’s email address setup for OpenSpace and Password are entered within IRIS. To verify the details are entered, from the…


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How to activate my client account in Open Space and complete the e-Checklist

For information on How to Activate a Client Account please visit the IRIS Help Centre, here Share This Page


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Does IRIS OpenSpace work with Apple Products?

IRIS OpenSpace only requires a browser, the hardware is irrelevant. So accessing IRIS OpenSpace on iPhone or iPad is fine. However, from iPhone or iPad,…


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How to upload to OpenSpace from IRIS Personal Tax

To upload from personal tax click Reports, select the relevant report and tick the box PDF and then tick the box in the bottom that…


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How do I resend the registration activation request link to my client?

To resend the request Select Home Tab, Click ‘Clients’ and select the Circle next to the appropriate client ID. Click Edit Client, Select the Circle…


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Can I setup two separate OpenSpace Accounts for 2 different clients?

Each OpenSpace client user should have their own unique email address, using the same email address for different clients will provide access to both sets…


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Email notifications do not seem to be coming through to me and/or my clients?

Users should: Check Junk Mail folders Check mmail Server Logs to see if is being rejected Add to their safe senders list Consider…