Accountants, Using IRIS Payroll? Download the Updated Kitbag

By Sam Thomas | 20th July 2016 | 13 min read

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We've created a handy document which quickly and simply communicates changes which your clients may see if they use IRIS payroll software for their business.

This month, we’ve added the Employer Update: Pension Communications data sheet. The letter explains the changes your clients who use IRIS payroll software will see, and is written from your perspective, so all you need to do is send it to your clients.

The handy Auto Enrolment Accountancy Kitbag is designed to help your practice easily communicate the benefits of automatic enrolment to your clients. Imagine the government passes legislation which essentially requires every business in the UK to require by law a service you can provide – that’s auto enrolment. The Kitbag is perfect for you to inform your workforce about your new service and how it can help them and best of all, it’s completely free to download.

Packed with free guides, pre-recorded webinars, branded letter templates and exclusive content, the Kitbag contains everything you need to help you start your workplace pensions’ journey. Each month, we update the Kitbag with the latest content, and this month we’ve created Employer Update: Pension Communications to help you effortlessly communicate changes to pension communications.

Why Auto Enrolment?

Automatic enrolment is due to affect 1.8 million small businesses during both the current and upcoming financial year. Each one of these businesses may need help and guidance to get ready and comply with the legislation, and with research from NEST finding that the average price paid by SMEs to accountants for advice standing at £440, can you afford not to capitalise?Your Link

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