7 New Years resolutions for your organisation

By Louise Mulgrew | 8th January 2015 | 2 min read

7 New Years resolutions for your organisation

New Years resolutions

With any New Year comes a new set of challenges and opportunities. Many people will set themselves resolutions for their personal lives, so why should their business be any different?

Setting these goals to aim for in 2015 will help to ensure that your business continues to run smoothly and if you have just started a new business; what better way to kick off the new year than to hit the ground running?

At IRIS, we have set out 7 resolutions that can help to get you started, below are 3 of the resolutions. Click to download the full 9-page guide.

1) Make sure you have software suited to your organisation's requirements

When it comes to using commercial software to help run your business, one issue which you may encounter is that the software you use has limited functionality. This means it may not be able to perform certain tasks you require. When choosing your software, try to work out exactly what functions you need it to be able to perform, as well as trying to plan ahead for what functionality you may need in the future.

2) Be prepared for payroll year end

While RTI has changed the year end process by removing the need for P14s and P35s, it has also brought in some new processes you need to be aware of. The year end 2014/2015 is also the first time that companies will be fined for incorrect submissions which means that you can’t afford to get it wrong. This is even more important for small to medium sized businesses as even a small fine can not be afforded. Visit the IRIS RTI Payroll Year End Insight page to see what steps you could be taking to ensure your organisation is prepared and to make payroll year end as smooth and stress free as possible.

3) Make your auto enrolment process more efficient

Automatic enrolment is the biggest change to pensions in decades. People are living longer, with healthier lifestyles; as a result the ratio between the workforce and those at a pensionable age is decreasing. People are planning and saving less for their retirement. In 2014, 5 million employees were automatically enrolled into qualifying pension schemes – over 10% of these were assessed using IRIS software. This number is set to exponentially increase over the coming year and the emphasis will now be on small to medium enterprises. 

The IRIS AE Suite™ can also be used to help increase your efficiency by assessing your employees, enrolling them into a pension scheme and then easily distributing the pension communications.

To find out how IRIS can help you prepare visit the IRIS Automatic Enrolment Insight page.

Kick start a fantastic, profitable 2015 by downloading the full 9-page guide with all 7 New Years' Resolutions.

There's even a handy checklist that you can print off and pin up to keep you on track!

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