FRS - What’s the hold-up?

By Steven Cox | 21st November 2014 | 1 min read

FRS - What’s the hold-up?

23 days and counting… Yes, it’s only 23 working days until the new UK GAAP comes into force.  

Given the volume of additional work to create just one set of FRS 101 & 102 compliant accounts (which is even greater in the first year) I appreciate that it’s an intimidating prospect for many accountants.

We share that feeling.

We have made sure that our software is fully compliant with the latest legislation, giving our customers as much time as possible to prepare and keep ahead. 


We have just released functionality to facilitate early adoption of FRS 101 & 102 for periods prior to the mandate; giving our customers even more time and choice for their implementation.

Our focus is – and has always been – early compliance.

IRIS has a great track record.  Can your supplier say the same?  Are they delivering your compliance needs ahead of new, complex legislation? Are they giving you plenty of time to learn and adapt?

Forewarned is forearmed!

We don’t pass on additional stress to our customers. New, complicated legislation happens. And when it does, our customers know that we’ll be ahead of the game so they can be too.

For accountants not using IRIS, I'd strongly suggest you speak to your supplier today and find out what they are doing to ensure you are ready for all the changes coming in 23 days.

Or get in touch and we'll be happy to help