Praise for IRIS Support

By Louise Mulgrew | 5th February 2015 | 1 min read

IRIS: Putting Customers First

Working in a deadline-driven, compliance-heavy industry we know there are times when our customers are under pressure.

There will always be times when nerves are frayed but, when that happens, it’s so great to know we can help and make a real difference…

We received this email earlier today:

“Dear Steve

During January our six year old server was used to the limit. With two working days to go to 31 January 2015, it gave up. It just couldn’t handle the volume of input and the whole system ground to a halt on each of our ten machines.

My IT guy struggled to resolve the issue.

After one and a half days I contacted IRIS. Your team immediately provided help and we were up and running within just a couple of hours (this shows that no problem was beyond your capabilities).

Your IT support was there to assist us at the moment we really needed it. I will never forget the help we received.

I have never regretted buying IRIS since I bought the product twenty years ago.

Please pass on my thanks to your support department.

Best wishes


Alan Cousins Alan writes to us from Middlesbrough-based Cousins & Co. A long-term, happy user of IRIS. When we spoke to him earlier today, he told us that he couldn't praise the guys enough:

"I was up the creek without a paddle before I spoke to your support team!".

On this occasion, our support stars were Ben Webb and Jack Moran. Well done Ben and Jack!

Cousins & Co



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