What makes businesses stick with IRIS year after year?

By Matthew Thompson | 8th January 2014 | 2 min read

We recently caught up with Portland College, who have been using Earnie payroll software from IRIS for almost 13 years, to find out why they have never, and would never, consider switching their payroll software.

Portland College in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire is a national college for people with a wide range of disabilities. 

Like many schools and colleges, Portland relies on one employee to run the payroll. With around 400 staff, this means a heavy workload for Sue Tazey, payroll administrator. Also, different members of staff are paid at different times, with around 150 teachers and others on a fixed salary which is paid monthly and the remaining 250 paid weekly.

“I have been running our payroll since before we first implemented Earnie and looking back, I can’t imagine how we ever managed without it, “ Sue commented. “With payments going out at different times, things can get rather hectic, but Earnie Executive can handle this for us.

When we first implemented Earnie, I’m not sure if we were using it to its full potential. We contacted IRIS and arranged for a specialist to visit us for a ‘Best Use Assessment’ day. This was a great help as the IRIS consultant was able to highlight functionality in the software which we were completely unaware of and has made my life so much easier."

“I wouldn’t be able to cope with the workload I currently have without Earnie. It takes a minute to push a button and maybe an hour to double check everything, but this process would take hours and hours without the software.

I can honestly say that there isn’t any functionality in Earnie that we don’t use now. It’s just exceptional. Everything is made so easy much of the work is done for me

It’s not just the fact that it saves me hours each week and month,” Sue commented. “The software is accurate and very adaptable. It just keeps getting better as time goes on… And if we ever do have any issues we can contact support and they always do everything they can to help us through whatever problem we are having.”

When asked to sum up her experiences with IRIS and Earnie payroll software over the years, Sue commented: “There’s a clear reason why we have stayed with IRIS for so many years. I can’t fault anything we have had, from the software and training, to consultancy and support, everything has been outstanding. We couldn’t be happier and I couldn’t think of even considering moving to another software provider. I would definitely recommend IRIS to other people in my position.”

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