How Astrea Academy Trust use IRIS Engage to manage remote admissions

The issue

Now that everybody is working from home, school admissions are going to be more difficult to manage – especially when you consider the difficulties of meeting prospective parents and students in person.

We spoke to Heather Crawshaw, Education Data Intelligence Officer at Astrea Academy Trust about her experience with online admissions and how she uses modern technology to bring the process online.

They use IRIS Engage parental engagement software to reach out to parents and families – but they also now use it to contact prospective families.

The solution

“Our academies are using IRIS Engage for admissions to prepare for the new year.”

“We have wanted to start moving our admission processes online for a while, but the current situation is forcing our hand as it’s harder to communicate and we can’t have the open evenings we’d normally want to have at this time of year.”

Astrea Academy Sheffield have started moving their admissions forms online, along with letters, uniform lists and admissions information. Using IRIS Engage’s microsites feature, it’s easy to build out a website full of admissions information. All they then have to do is send a link to any prospective students and parents.

“We also have another academy that’s looking to do a virtual video tour of the school. We’ll add that to the microsite, too, along with any transition information as it comes through.”

Microsites can also help with home-school communication and setting work during this difficult time. “Anything the teachers have set for work is going out via the IRIS Engage app. We put it all on a microsite so it’s easy to refer back to”.

“Parents won’t be panicking or ringing the school for information, as they’ll already have it”

“The IRIS Engage helpdesk is still open, so they point us towards any information we need. There’s some great help videos that explain microsites and how to use them.”

Heather also takes advantage of a close working relationship with the product development team and has her say on the future development of the system. “When we spot things we’re not sure about and feed it back to IRIS Engage’s product developer, there’s an openness and willingness to work on it.”

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