IRIS KashFlow Connect dashboard

IRIS KashFlow Connect

What is IRIS KashFlow Connect?

IRIS KashFlow Connect enables you to
view and manage all client accounting
information from a single dashboard
for any clients that use KashFlow.

What is KashFlow?

Take a look at the short video to find out more.

IRIS KashFlow Connect is free to use.
It's the easy way to manage all of your clients'
KashFlow accounts from a single dashboard.

An award-winning,
 cloud-based solution that can be accessed from 
any web-enabled device, at any time. 

 be accessed 
from any web-enabled device, at any time. 

From within IRIS KashFlow Connect, you can customise the software and use tools to help promote your business.
You can also create KashFlow accounts for your clients, see when they last logged in, run reports on the data they've entered and see the same data that they're seeing.


Greater control

IRIS KashFlow Connect enables accountants to manage their clients more closely. By locking down data you can ensure no changes can be made before fixed dates such as financial year end or following a reconciliation.

Increase visibility

You can see instantly all of the data entered into KashFlow by a client, whilst being able to run key reports such as sales, trial balances and aged debtors.

Better organisation

Save time and hassle by having a live, real-time view of a client's position and data without needing to wait for bundles of receipts to arrive and be processed.

Promote your practice

With IRIS KashFlow Connect you can customise a client's KashFlow interface, allowing you to add your logo and branding to promote your practice and present a more professional solution.


Online collaboration

Capitalise on real-time insight into your clients’ businesses and unique online collaboration allowing you to react quickly, should a problem arise and offer timely advice.


At a client's office and need access to your accounting systems? Not a problem with IRIS KashFlow Connect. You can work from any location - just fire up a web browser and log in to your account.

Always up
to date

Eliminate time-consuming software installation and updates - the software is always up-to-date and ready for you to use.

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