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Keep your business running during a crisis

How do you keep your business going strong, no matter what the circumstances?

As the COVID-19 outbreak escalates, many businesses are likely to see increasing numbers of employees working from home.

How do you ensure your business is still operating at peak productivity and continuing to support your employees?

How do you continue to engage effectively with your employees and meet their needs?

At IRIS HR Professional, we’re here to bring certainty despite the uncertain times. We have a few ways to help you to ensure your business continues as normal.

Work anywhere, anytime

You need your employees to be able to work from anywhere, any time. IRIS HR Professional can be accessed remotely, enabling vital tasks to be completed from any location and giving your employees access to important information, such as their employee details and payslips.

Business continuity planning

To support your business continuity planning, you can create a record of your employees’ remote working locations and contact details, as well as the equipment they have (or need to be issued with) to be able to work away from the office. You can also set up automatic workflows to help plan business continuity procedures, as well as return to work processes to make sure employees who have been absent are supported.

Paying your people

With your team likely to be overstretched, you need a way to reduce the strain. We can offer extra support through our managed payroll service.

Fully secure people data

With the majority of your teams working remotely, you need all company documents accessible in one place – safely and securely. IRIS HR Professional can support you in achieving that, particularly through the Cloud. Held by Rackspace, our Cloud is certified to the highest standard of data security management, giving you peace of mind that your employee data is safe.

Changing legislation

It’s more important than ever that your business keeps up to date with changing legislation, such as the recent changes to Statutory Sickness Pay. IRIS HR Professional will respond to changes like these, helping you make sure your business remains compliant. In particular for pay, our Payroll software will help your business process these changes efficiently and quickly.   

Communicate easily with your people

Effective communication is vital when your employees are working remotely, and IRIS HR Professional acts as a central portal for the key information your people need. Our self-service functionality enables your employees to update IRIS HR Professional themselves, including their own absence records and contact details. You can also build useful reports, for example to understand  which employees are due to return from a holiday and could need to self-isolate.

What next?

Whatever the needs of your business, IRIS HR Professional can support you to ensure you have all the tools, systems, and services you require to meet your employees’ needs, whatever happens next.

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