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Holiday Pay Module


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Introducing the IRIS Holiday Pay Module

Available for IRIS Payroll Professional and both Earnie Executive and Earnie Business, the IRIS Holiday Pay Module offers a flexible solution to configure holiday pay automatically, taking away the time and inconvenience of manually calculating your employee's holiday pay. 

What can the IRIS Holiday Pay Module offer me?

The IRIS Holiday Pay Module includes options for you to configure your holiday pay scheme to:

  • Define pay elements to include in your holiday pay calculation
  • Define a monthly divisor for the 12 week average weekly earnings calculation for monthly paid employees
  • Set the default holiday entitlement for enhanced (statutory leave) and contractual leave
  • Choose periods to exclude from the 12 week average weekly earnings calculation, such as periods that have zero pay or statutory payments
  • Specify different enhanced and contractual holiday entitlement for each individual employee, if required

Unlike some other solutions, the Holiday Pay module will automatically calculate and pay the 12 week average weekly earnings for holiday pay as part of the payroll run. This easy-to-use process will save you time and reduce errors when calculating employees’ entitlement to enhanced and contractual holiday. There are no complex processes to run and no additional man power needed; it’s all taken care of within payroll.

Holiday Pay Calculation

Your payroll has an option to quickly view the holiday pay calculation for an employee showing:

  • How the average weekly earnings value has been calculated
  • All pay periods included in the average weekly earnings calculation along with the total earnings
  • Any pay periods excluded from the average weekly earnings calculation


Download your free holiday pay guide

Included in the free guide is:

  • Legislation regarding holiday pay
  • Rules around the calculation of holiday pay
  • Implementing a solution
  • How IRIS can help

Interested in the IRIS Holiday Pay Module? Give us a call on 0344 815 5676 and see how much time and money your business can save

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