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Identity management solutions to improve security and streamline processes

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Improve security and streamline processes with BioStore ID management

IRIS BioStore provides your organisation with a comprehensive identity management solution. It offers a simple, smart identity framework that leverages your existing IT assets to reduce costs, increase productivity and ensure compliance. You always retain control by managing, provisioning and de-provisioning identities both on a local system and through a cloud extension.

IRIS BioStore provides appropriate user access permissions to the right people, so users can do their jobs. Assigning user permissions diligently to correctly authorised resources is a proven method to help reduce compliance violations.
IRIS BioStore Identity Management can be used to accurately record attendance through the use of biometrics, smart cards, PINs or passwords. Employees can register their attendance quickly and seamlessly using a self-service fingerprint scanner or card reader.

What IRIS BioStore can do for your organisation

Our innovative system simplifies ID management across all areas of your organisation, from entry and attendance management to IT systems and further.  

IRIS BioStore’s centralised identity management database integrates with multiple software applications, providing users with only one authentication to access all systems in use. Our solutions are designed to streamline processes and ensure compliance, providing total peace of mind for your team. 


Utilising a variety of hardware options, including biometric (fingerprint), smartcard, pin and password, our system enables users to register their presence quickly and easily, simplifying processes and reducing time-consuming administrative tasks.

Password manager

Forgotten passwords can be a burden for IT administrators, not to mention a security risk. Our convenient password management devices eradicate the need for IT teams to manually reset passwords, enabling users to simply and securely manage the password management process themselves.

University Academy Holbeach

Richard Ireson, Data Manager


“BioStore are prepared to listen and have already enhanced the system to meet our requirements. We were fortunate to come across FasTrak late in the day, and grateful we came across a supplier with the expertise and commitment to deliver a solution at very short notice.”


Users need only be registered with a single system, reducing time-consuming administration and reducing risk of human error

Total control to manage user access through a single system, improving security and streamlining processes 

Enhance security and protect against audit-related expenditure with a single system to control user access and approvals

Improve accuracy and reduce supplier costs with a centralised database for all systems and processes



BioStore identity management solutions integrate seamlessly with all leading MIS


 Your choice of secure ID management hardware solutions including biometric, cards, passwords and PINs


Automate user provisioning to any system or application; control user access across all systems from a single database


Meet GDPR compliance and audit requirements