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Organisations around the world trust us to instantly consolidate their companies and entities, enabling cross-company reporting, real-time comparison analytics and centralised control.

We’re able to do this thanks to unified ledger technology. With the IRIS Financials suite, data is stored in a single database with automatic consolidation, enabling real-time analysis of project and management reports.

The IRIS Financials suite works in tandem to simplify your organisation’s administration across the board, no matter how many locations and offices you have.

Key Features

Unrivalled analysis and reporting

Whether your organisation has 5 or 1,000+ users, analyse and report on data across every location. Drill down into a specific location or zoom out for a comprehensive overview.

Process automation

Automate low-value, time-consuming tasks, eliminating human error and reducing operational costs. Free up staff time for the tasks that really matter to your organisation.

Central data warehouse

Easy-to-use tools simplify integration with your organisation’s systems, creating a central data warehouse. Plan for your organisation’s growth with financial confidence.

Full suite for every need

Our administrative management suite covers finances, assets, HR, payroll and budgeting. These systems communicate with each other to make administration easy.

Designed for businesses

Real-time consolidation

Automated income management

Advanced credit control

Automation of deferred income

Ad-hoc invoicing

Comprehensive reporting suite

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