IRIS Software Group Coronavirus Statement

As a valued member of the IRIS Software Group community, we appreciate the trust you place in us to make sure all your critical operational software and services continue.  

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation evolves, our thoughts continue to go out to all who have been impacted or infected. We hope you are safe, well and are taking all the necessary precautions.  

Looking after our employees 

At the start of the pandemic, we moved approximately 1,500+ employees from our offices in the UK, US, Canada and India to homeworking within ten days. This involved relocating equipment and rolling out cloud telephony (for use over the internet) to customer-facing employees. Within a short period of time, everyone was working from home effectively. 

At every step, our focus has been to keep employees safe and motivated. We continue to offer emotional support as we move through the phases of reacting, adapting and reinventing; and provide authentic communications about the business, the changes during COVID-19 and our plans in the coming weeks and months. 

Looking after our customers 

To support our customers, we increased focus on our managed payroll service and payroll products including the end of tax year compliance, and updated payroll solutions several times to accommodate emergency government legislation (including furlough and sickness benefits) in very tight timescales.  

In rapid response, we also launched a free to use messaging platform, for customers to communicate with their workforce or customers via text messaging and email.  

We have also undertaken an extensive customer survey to understand our customers’ barriers, emotional concerns and plans for the future – enabling us to provide further guidance and expertise as a transparent business partner. 

Robustness of the business 

Behind the scenes, IRIS is monitoring the business on a weekly basis to review the impact of COVID-19 and responding to what it sees and hears, as well as using the extensive experience and knowledge of teams. We’ve adopted an agile and rapid response capability to embrace changes and opportunities and believe that our business model is resilient. 

If you would like further information and guidance on how IRIS can help your organisation adapt to the next normal, then visit our hub. Look forward to the Next Normal

Please stay connected with us on our LinkedIn and Twitter channels for a regular stream of webinars, blogs and guides to help you to help you look forward with certainty.