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Adding an Account

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Adding an Account

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6th April 2017


IRIS GP Accounts


How do I add a new account?


Go to “Setup” > “To alter Accounts

Click “Add an Account” button.

You will then be presented with the New Account Helper.

This will take you through a series of steps which assist you in setting up a new Account.

The steps are:

  • Give the new account a name and password.
  • Decide if this is to be a Fees only account – if so no more steps are required.
  • Choose the VAT settings required.
  • Define the Start and End dates of the current accounting period
  • Define the 4 month trial period start date (Trial users only)
  • Enter the Opening Balance
  • Add or check the list of partners in the practice
  • Choose the set of Main and sub-codes to be used

The new account is now ready to use. You may also want to setup Direct Debits and Credits manually before starting to use the account.

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