12008: Accessing the previous year's payroll data

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Article ID 12008
Article Name Accessing the previous year's payroll data
Created Date 06 Feb 2019 00:00:00
Product IRIS Payroll Professional, Earnie

How can I access my payroll data from the previous tax year?


To load the previous years payroll data go to "Year-end" > "Use Last Year's Company Data":



Please Note: If this option is greyed out and unavailable to click, this indicates payroll cannot find the last years copy of the payroll data automatically created during the year-end restart process. If this is the case it is possible the file has been moved or deleted or a year-end restart hasn't been performed in this installation. If this is the case your only option would be to restore from a backup. For details on backing up and restoring data please click here.



This will load you into the payroll data as it stood before the last "Year-End Restart" ie. the complete PAYE year data for the previous tax year.

This option is useful for reprinting reports, completing submissions etc.

Once you have finished what you need to do in the previous tax year return to the current tax year by clicking again on "Year-End" > "Use Last Year's Company Data". This will return you to where you left off in the current year.

This option will only ever take you back to the previous tax year. If you want to go back further than this you would need to restore a back up.

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