Davies Group

Noticeable improvements for IRIS Cascade Managed Services and the Davies Group  


Davies Group are a specialist professional services and technology firm, working in partnership with leading insurance, highly regulated and global businesses.  

With a global team of more than 4,000 professionals, they currently operate from a variety of locations including the UK, Ireland, the US, Canada & Bermuda. 


For such a large business with multiple overseas office locations, the need for a secure, reliable HR and Payroll management system was clear. Davies Group needed to find new solutions to meet changing demands and increase efficiency. 


Kieran Duggal, Payroll Manager at Davies Group, has had quite a journey throughout his experiences using IRIS Cascade. He joined the business in March 2019, and swiftly encountered some issues with the company system, which had been in place with both HR and managed payroll functionality since 2016. 

Kieran says: “Our initial journey with Cascade Managed Services was a little rocky to begin with; reports were sometimes late and with incorrect submission, and when challenged we didn’t see the level of improvement required, which questioned whether we should allow this relationship to continue.” 


Key errors in payroll data and processing sadly meant that Davies Group confidence in IRIS Cascade was low. They considered looking elsewhere, but IRIS were determined to improve the relationship. With a focus on putting the customer truly at the heart of everything, the IRIS Cascade team worked closely with Kieran to turn a negative situation into a positive. 

“Over the last 12 months there has been clear evidence of a much improved and more efficient service. I now feel like we are provided with an excellent service; reports are always sent on time (usually early) and the level of accuracy has increased enormously; I feel there is a lot more attention to detail being administered now by the team. 


Kieran continued: “The IRIS Cascade team exceed expectations; a clear example of this would be the recent work on the re-administering of many incorrect P11d submissions for tax year 2018/19. The amount of effort the managed service team provided to correct these was extraordinary, particularly as this was during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic where resources/access to equipment was severely impacted.” 

Davies Group also encountered a second large-scale issue last year, where the support and expertise of the IRIS Cascade team proved to be invaluable. They currently run an employee pension scheme with Scottish Widows, and operate a legacy scheme for a small amount of ex-employees with Aviva. With an increase required for employee contribution, from 8% to 9%, the business accidentally applied a double helping of tax relief to affected employees’ paychecks. The need to rectify this sensitively and quickly was clear, and once again, Kieran was impressed with the level of dedication shown by the IRIS Cascade team. 

“The team at IRIS were reactive to the situation and, with quick-thinking, worked with us to resolve the situation, without having any direct financial impact on our affected members of staff.” 


Kieran finishes: “I would highly recommend IRIS Cascade Managed Services to any business who are seeking a managed payroll service.  You will not be disappointed by the level of customer care they provide, and they will strive to go above and beyond to deliver a highly efficient service.” 

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