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Keep your business running during a crisis

How do you keep your business going strong, no matter what the circumstances?

As the COVID-19 outbreak escalates, businesses are likely to face having to ask staff to work from home.

How do you ensure your practice is still operating at peak productivity and carrying out vital compliance work?

How do you continue to engage effectively with your clients and meet their needs?

At IRIS, we’re here to bring certainty for customers despite the uncertain times. We have a few ways to help to ensure your business continues as normal.

Work anywhere, anytime

You need your staff to be able to work from anywhere, any time. It’s essential that your team can access all your vital IRIS Accountancy Suite products, Microsoft software and desktop applications, no matter where you are. We can help you achieve this with IRIS Hosting. All you need is an internet connection and a computer.

Your office PC wherever you are

You want as little interruption as possible – that means staff having exactly the same system and set up as they are used to in the office. Your team ideally needs to see an identical version of their office PC, meaning their experience is just the same. IRIS can do this for you. With IRIS Hosting, you don’t feel like you’re using a different computer.

Fully secure client data

With remote working, it’s even more essential to ensure your client data is totally safe and secure. You also need all your documents saved and accessible in one place. IRIS Docs, combined with IRIS Hosting, can support you in achieving that.

Protection from cyber crime

Hackers, viruses, ransomware, and other forms of cybercrime are always a concern for businesses. You need to take care that, when your team is set up to work remotely, connections are fully secure and encrypted, so your business remains compliant with strict legislation. IRIS can assist here by offering the highest levels of security and encryption through IRIS Hosting.

Extra resources

With your team likely to be overstretched, you need a way to reduce the strain on them, and increase your capacity to complete routine accounts and payroll work, without the expenses of hiring more staff. You may also have to redeploy your staff to more important activities. We can offer extra support in the form of IRIS Resourcing, which is ISO 9001:2008 certified and complies with data protection law.

Communicate easily with clients

It’s vital you can continue communicating effectively with your clients wherever you and your team have to work. Tools that could really help you include a self-service portal that empowers clients to access key guidance and personal details, and an app that enables you to create and send personalised mass communications easily and quickly. IRIS can lend a hand with this through Accountant Go.

What next?

Whatever the needs of your business, IRIS can support you to ensure you have all the tools, systems, and services you require to meet clients’ needs, whatever life throws your way.

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