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The UK’s leading supplier of education software

IRIS Education software is the cornerstone of efficient operations in over 11,000 schools and two-thirds of UK MATs. Including leading providers ParentMail, IRIS Financials, IRIS PlusPay and more, our portfolio of SaaS powers parent engagement, enhances financial management, and supports school leaders to deliver outstanding outcomes for their communities


We’re passionate about maximising outcomes for the education sector

Our education software is designed with the needs of all schools and MATs in mind, driving efficiencies, protecting budgets, ensuring compliance, and enabling school leaders to get on with what they do best – supporting students.

Every year, we process four million online payments for more than 2,000 schools and help over 4,000,000 parents to connect with their child’s school.

Empower back-office productivity

Achieve more and do less every day with software that improves daily operations in education. Automate time-consuming administration and get more from your data with powerful financial, reporting and analytics platforms designed with the needs of schools of all sizes in mind.

Meet statutory compliance

Whether your school is maintained, an academy or a further education establishment, IRIS Education Software can support you in meeting (and staying ahead of) regulatory and financial requirements.

Parent engagement and student safeguarding

Reach every family, every day, with parental communications software designed to promote true social inclusivity. For primary schools to large secondary schools and MATs, our education engagement solutions deliver a user-friendly experience for parents, so schools receive a great response when it matters most.

  • End-to-end parent engagement solutions deliver on every aspect of your communications needs, from absence management to data collection and reporting
  • Simplify parents’ evening with online event management
  • Build bespoke surveys and forms to collate parent permissions, data and feedback

Software for all schools and educational establishments 

Software for international schools

IRIS Education is the leading technology partner for schools across the UK, Europe, Middle East and East Asia, providing end-to-end operational management for academic achievement, student wellbeing, admissions, and financial administration.

Software for independent schools

Our education software provides parents with platforms to engage with their child’s education. Our portfolio of cloud software and solutions enable flexible working, enabling school staff to securely manage operations anytime, anywhere.

Software for local authorities

We enable better partnerships between local authorities and education institutions, supporting compliance with statutory requirements and ensuring better outcomes for local communities.

Software for virtual schools

We bridge the gap between local authorities and virtual schools. Our secure platform, Looked After Call, enables staff to engage with each other, identify trends, and action early interventions when it matters most.

IRIS Education in practice: first-hand experiences from our customers

From morning registration to locking up at night, IRIS Education software empowers our teams to keep the trust running smoothly.
Durrington MAT, IRIS Education users
One supplier in IRIS Education streamlines school operations at Durrington MAT

Serving a community of nearly 2000 students, the leadership team at Durrington MAT understand the importance of efficient operations and utilise a suite of IRIS Education solutions to streamline every aspect of back-office management. Director of IT Alex Robbins shares his experiences of employing multiple IRIS Education solutions throughout the school day.

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School administration moved to the cloud at Beckfoot Trust
Lisa Grimshaw, Trust Finance Officer

Beckfoot Trust is a ten-school trust based in Bradford, West Yorkshire. Their old financial management system wasn’t able to keep up as they moved from a single school to a multi-academy trust, so it was time for change. They recently moved their financial management to the cloud to combat the coronavirus pandemic – with great results.

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Solutions to empower back-office operations for all educational establishments

Cashless catering
IRIS FasTrak
IRIS FasTrak cashless catering, meal planning, attendance and reporting solutions streamline lunchtime management whilst improving efficiency and reducing waste. Schools utilise their choice of authentication method, including biometric fingerprint, card, PIN, and innovative smart board solutions.
Accounting and budgeting
IRIS Financials
Our financial management software is used by over two thirds of UK MATs. IRIS Financials eliminates the need to reconcile separate ledgers with a unified ledger system and powerful automation tools, enabling simplified, accurate reporting. Choose from a suite of complementary modules to tackle your trust’s and school’s unique challenges.
Accounting and budgeting
IRIS Analytics
Make informed decisions with business intelligence software. IRIS Analytics takes the pain out of combining and analysing information from multiple sources. Interactive business intelligence dashboards help users to maximise the value of their resources.
Accounting and budgeting
IRIS Financial Planner
A secure, dynamic and user-friendly budget planning solution that enables users to plan their organisation’s long-term financial position up to five years in advance.
Accounting and budgeting
IRIS Invoice Matcher
As invoices come in, they’re automatically read and matched against the appropriate records, eliminating the need to manually process them, improving accuracy and saving time.
Asset Management
IRIS Assets
Manage assets for one school or a hundred from a central location. Ensure statutory compliance, plan regular maintenance and track asset depreciation with ease. Adding assets is easy – simply tag the asset, scan it and add relevant information in the app.
Asset management
IRIS BioStore
Identity management technology to secure buildings, lockers and computers with innovative smart cards, pin and biometric fingerprint solutions. Define access permissions and monitor usage in real time, streamlining admin and IT processes whilst improving security on site and online.
ParentMail by IRIS
Versatile platform proven to save schools thousands of pounds a year. ParentMail by IRIS empowers better parent engagement with solutions for messaging, online form collection, parents’ evening and event management. An online portal and free mobile app makes staying on top of school life easy for parents, so schools receive a great response.
IRIS Reach for Education
Flexible parent engagement software with all-in-one functionality to support large secondary schools and MATs. Instantly translate messages into 40+ languages, send and receive parental forms, manage unauthorised absences and control all channels of communication from a single app, including school social media accounts.
HR and payroll
PS People
Evolve the recruitment and management of your most important resource – your people. Engage with staff through a single centralised platform and simplify regular activities with easy-to-use workflows and advanced automation.
IRIS PlusPay
IRIS PlusPay is trusted by two thousand UK schools to manage four million online payments every year, offering unrivalled flexibility and functionality to make payment admin simple. From topping up dinner money to purchasing school items, IRIS PlusPay facilitates instant payments via a free mobile app and desktop platform.
IRIS Looked After Call
IRIS Looked After Call helps local authorities to safeguard and monitor looked after children. Our flexible and cost-effective approach to data collection and reporting allows virtual schools to identify trends and action early interventions.
Cloud services
PS Cloud
Access your files and IRIS applications from anywhere and at any time and collaborate from any office. Our secure data facility is manned 24 hours a day, guaranteeing that you have access to your mission-critical data as and when you need it.
Management Information Systems
IRIS Ed:gen
Better information means better decisions. A next-generation management information system for schools and MATs, IRIS Ed:gen lets you harness the power of real-time data. No more battling with legacy systems, our cloud-based MIS is easy to use, operate and transition to, while its powerful tools and apps help save teachers time, effort, and money.