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IRIS Accounts Production

On EPST chart of accounts no comparatives being shown for the Capital Account

In order to have comparative figures for the Capital Account users are required to enter an alias by selecting, Edit…


IRIS Accounts Production

How do I remove 'Unaudited' from the flysheet?

Select: Client | Data screens | Flysheet | Refer to Audited/Unaudited Tick or untick the relevant boxes for required choice.


IRIS Accounts Production

Postings to a Director account keep defaulting to *0 (Unknown Director)

Select: Edit | Director/Secretary 1. Make sure the Director has an order number. If they haven't got an order number…


IRIS Accounts Production

How do I remove an incorrect involvement from a Business?

Select: Edit | Director/Secretary | View | Delete NB: If delete is greyed out, it means the User does NOT…


How do I change a Soletrader into a Partnership or vice versa?

Soletrader to Partnership Select:Client | ViewChange the 'Type of business' to 'Partnership' and click [Save](Click [Yes] to continue). Select:Edit |…


IRIS Time and Fees

How do I correct bulk write off postings in Time & Fees?

Contents Introduction Write off not updated to time ledger Write off updated to time ledger Introduction The Bulk Write off…


IRIS Accounts Production

Can IRIS produce Audit Reports without client name and specific details?

Users are required to set the folowing alias by selecting, Edit | Report Aliases - Enter '$CH' in the Standard…


IRIS Accounts Production

How do I change an account description at client level?

SELECT: Edit | Account Descriptions in the Client- Click [ADD] OR [NEW] NB: Account Descriptions can be changed whilst posting.…


IRIS Accounts Production

Depreciation is not appearing on the Operating Profit/Loss note

The Depreciation shown on the Operating Profit note is picked up from the Balance Sheet posting and not the Profit…


IRIS Accounts Production

What are the postings required when dealing with purchase of own shares?

Posting needs to be made using one of the Purchase of own shares codes under the Reserve Group, which are…