GDPR Overview, Training & Guidance

Are you ready for GDPR?

Are you ready for GDPR?

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will replace the current Data Protection Act 1998, bringing with it a new age of compliance and accountability. Businesses will now need to demonstrate that they comply with the regulation when handling personal data.

The UK is soon to see the biggest changes to how we manage and store data since 1998, but what is GDPR and how will it affect you and your business?

With significant penalties to be imposed on employers who breach the GDPR, including fines of up to €20 million or 4% of the businesses annual turnover, whichever is greater. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new legal framework to replace the existing Data Protection Act 1998. There are many similarities between the two, however, GDPR is intended to bring uniformity to how data is handled across the EU.

Navigate your way through GDPR with these useful tools

GDPR Guide

The following 11 page guide, contains nine ways businesses can prepare for the arrival of The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that is replacing the Data Protection Act 1998 from 25th May 2018.

What You'll Learn

  1. The key facts
  2. The changes to the current Data Protection laws
  3. If Brexit will affect GDPR
  4. 9 ways your business can prepare for GDPR
  5. How IRIS have been preparing

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Free GDPR checklist

We have developed a checklist which includes the 9 main steps to prepare your business for the GDPR.

To give your business the best chance of complying with GDPR print off the checklist and tick off each step as you go!


Download your free GDPR Checklist now!

GDPR Training

Learn how GDPR may affect you as a data controller and what you can do now to prepare!

To help you get GDPR-Ready, we're proud to offer a brand new training course designed to help you start preparing for this legislation: An Introduction to General Data Protection Regulation.

The online course is perfect for anyone who employs individuals or offers services to citizens in the UK and EU. This course highlights the key issues that might affect you as a business and will help you understand the next steps for your business.  

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Free GDPR Health Check

Book your complimentary Health Check today to see where you stand before the regulations come into force.

During the Health Check we will run through:

  • Who you need to raise GDPR with to help ensure your business is properly preparing
  • How you're storing your data
  • Is any of your data stored abroad?
  • How quickly could you comply with a Subject Access Request?
  • Do you need to appoint a Data Protection Officer?
  • Have you considered whether you need to carry out a Data Protection Impact Assessment?

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GDPR is all about how you manage data you hold on individuals. What better time to join the self-service revolution!

With fines of up to €20 million for subject rights failures under GDPR there isn't a better time to see how IRIS's cloud-based, self-service HR software helps your business or practice comply with this aspect and other parts of GDPR legislation.

Ideal for businesses and GP practices, IRIS HR enables you to use the features that are critical to your business without having to pay for functionality you don’t need.


IRIS HR includes a number of essential features that will help to comply with employment legislation, reduce your admin and improve how you manage your workforce.

To see how IRIS HR can help you comply with GDPR legislation take a free demonstration by clicking below

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Our promise to you

Any extra product functionality required by GDPR will be fully implemented into the IRIS and Earnie software range prior to the 25th May 2018 commencement date. All customers will be kept fully informed of any significant changes that may be necessary to your software’s service provision due to the new legal requirements.

However, we at IRIS remain confident in our ability to deliver the same high levels of service provision and protection as always, continuing to provide our clients with complete confidence in our products and services under the new guidelines.


How are IRIS preparing?

  1. Documenting all current processes and data flows, and analysing any potential areas of weakness or vulnerability across our whole cloud product portfolio. This enables us, to pinpoint areas ripe for improvement in advance of the GDPR deadline, and to take swift and positive action to make improvements.
  2. Carrying out a detailed ‘gap analysis.’ This is extremely helpful in identifying our overall level of compliance ahead of the introduction of the Regulation, as well as allowing us to detect areas needing improvement in our product offering.
  3. Conducting risk assessments to identify where any additional security measures may need to be implemented within the IRIS and Earnie software range, and whether any other key GDPR compliance requirements are necessary prior to the Regulation’s introduction.

More info

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